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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  February 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> unique to be safe. that was a safe spot. >> a disturbing incident had local parents questioning the safety of their children at school. a man made his way into an elementary school and sexually assaulted a student. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. i am cynne simpson. we're glad to have a new member of the team. >> i am happy to be here. we will check in with the set in a moment. first, here is adam caskey. >> here's a little bit of rain to start our thursday morning.
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it will dry out around lunchtime. it will be a little damp to start the day. it is planted be another warm day, it does not as warm as the last couple of days. we hit 71 yesterday. we will still be well into the 50's. there are areas of rain around the beltway, especially 95 south of the beltway. that is where we have this rain. there is more rain in west virginia that will move through later on. high temperatures today well into the 50's. tamara a little closer to 50 degrees with sunshine. dimeters will be near 50 with a bit of uncertainty. >> we like what we are seeing around town. overnight construction barrels out of the way. this shows the road sprays. water is collecting in some of the areas. we have the potential for spin out this morning. no accidents reported.
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we are pretty good as long as you watch out what you are doing all along 270. we are good in virginia. back to you. >> thank you. we begin with a developing story. research continues for the many such a assaultive a student. >> it happened yesterday after he managed to get inside ketcham elementary school. >> school should be safe. that is a safe spot. not anymore. >> she said she is appalled to hear that another young girl was a victim of a sexual assault. >> at an elementary school that really? that is terrible. >> a man somehow got inside the lot building. the police say in a probably groped a female student. the student told an adult and police were called. parents were left baffled that a man would be so brazen as to pull such an act of such a busy
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time of day. >> i am conscious of my kids. >> a spokesperson says they're treating this matter very seriously. we are working with them and reviewing our security measures to insure we have the best part because in place to prevent further breach of our building. parents picking up their kids say even after they asked school officials, and they were left in the dark. >> kids imagine things. they don't know what happens. >> they need to put a note or something out. >> it cannot be swept under the rug. >> investigators are renewing their search for clues in the death of a baby girl in northeast washington. police released a photo of the talmudic the infant was wrapped in. it was abandoned after -- of a talmudic the infant was wrapped in. she was a ban outside in the
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cold. >> police are investigating a shooting that happened around 10:00 last night. a man was shot in the 700 block of but you're not street. he was then led to the hospital. so captioned by the national captioning institute the u.s. auto industry is running up. >> president obama shun foreign car makers at a recent auto show. this ticket to linda bell like that headquarters. >> president obama made an appearance at the washington automobile show. of a bill makers including mercedes-benz and honda showed off their new cars for him. the president and spent much of this time being photographed with a ford mustang and a chevy silverado pick up made by u.s. automakers. honda just announced a $100 million expansion at an ohio
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transmission plant creighton 150 jobs. -- creating what enter 50 jobs. -- 150 jobs. diem was the sales leader followed by ford into lyautey. -- gm was the sales leader fall by ford and toyota. schools say they have limited budgets to make it happen. chipotle said the price hikes may not be happening anytime soon. more on that in the next hour. that is business news in new york. we're reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you. we're looking at 50 degrees. >> republican presidential candidates mitt romney on damage control. the third comment that is causing the controversy. >> they are gearing up for a century old tradition.
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how they are putting their own spin on groundhog day. another check of traffic and weather every 10
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>> the groundhog day thing will happen tonight in pennsylvania. they're gathering to see filled the groundhog and whether he
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sees his shadow. >> if phil sees his shadow we have six more weeks of winter. if he does not then spring comes early. if you think about it, we have already enjoyed springlike temperatures. he may not be the most reliable source. >> is a there was a perfect example. the organizers of the festival are getting in on the fun. they're holding the first ever ground hog day celebration. that will be endicott 30 this morning. >> what is the weather going to be like? that check in with adam caskey and find out what we can expect. all the grain is not a good sign. >> he may need an umbrella or his hair will get wet. it'll be a step start. sunshine later on this afternoon. a little soggy in the morning and then big improvements. it will not be quite as warm as
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71 degrees. take a look at the live super doppler radar. here are some areas of light rain. it especially prince george's county. along 95 in stafford, it is pushing off to the east. we have a another batch of rain. it is to do what degrees in the district. in fredericksburg, at 52 degrees. on the way to 60 in some areas of town. it is safe to say that we will be in the 50's today. it is still above average. some are a lot of sunshine back down to 53. it of the close to 50 on saturday. the weekend is looking a little uncertain in terms of where and when we can get this. but there is a chance they get some areas of frame. we will keep you posted. overall, a fairly agreeable.
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>> fairly agreeable even though i have areas of what they bent. we have no accidents to reports. as far as traffic into the district, quiet. our wide angle shots are going to take you on to 81, 95, and 70, where we get normal travel times along the interstate. we will pull up a live picture. read on the right heading southbound toward woodbridge. we're heading back to the news desk. >> not a bad start. it is 50 degrees. >> details on a key bill that affects thousands of workers. will you get a raise? >> import news for women. details of a recall of mi
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>> welcome back. parents want to know how a man could walk into a d.c. school and sexually assaults is student. the suspect in a properly test a grow yesterday afternoon at ketcham elementary. she is said to be safe this morning. d.c. police are hoping a new clue will begin to whoever left a baby girl to die in the freezing cold blast bond. authorities released a picture of the infants and the -- of the
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blanket the if it was wrapped in. all eyes are on the famous pennsylvania groundhog. if he sees his shadow, we're looking at six more weeks of winter. they will hold a celebration following this. >> investigators are looking for suspects of lenny harris. they look for evidence near the wilson bridge. there is it also is provided by lenwood johnson. he confessed in the disposal of the body. johnson was arrested on tuesday. >> a police of a survey covering this morning after being hit by a car yesterday while on a motorcycle. she is part of the police escort for the president of georgia. police stopped traffic on 14th street to let the motorcade passed by. they say that is when a woman drove her car around a bus and hit the officer. a man from aaa was there when it
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happens. >> suddenly there is the sound of a collision. i saw an officer go into the street. the driver was horror stricken. >> police say the officer was pretty banged up but her injuries are not life- threatening. they have not said if the driver will face charges. police delayed for 45 minutes. >> we want to turn to the 2012 campaigns. republicans and democrats are going over mitt romney over comments made about the poor. >> i'm not concerned about the poor. we have a safety net. >> he made the remarks in an interview with cnn after his big win on tuesday in florida. he tried to clarify it saying he is concerned about all americans but focusing on middle income americans. it shows that romney is having trouble connecting with ordinary people. >> we invite you to stay with your objection station for
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complete coverage. for instance update any time, go to our web site >> president obama will join dignitaries at the national prayer breakfast this morning at the hilton washington hotel. it is bringing elected officials, leaders, and others to discuss matters. several groups will hold an alternative event called the people's prayer service. >> a key vote in the house affecting thousands of local workers. >> it freezes the wages of federal employees for a third year in a row. to prevent members of congress from giving themselves a raise. many democrats oppose. president obama will propose 8.5% hike. >> the metro situation will be a topic of conversation. the finance committee is expected to discuss cost of the
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renovations. >> customers will have a chance to weigh in tonight on a proposal rate increase. it will be held at 7:30 p.m. wssc are proposing to raise water and sewer rates by 7.5%. >> we are learning more about pfizer's recall of birth control pills. 100 packets of lo/ovral-28 are being recalled. did there been destroyed with the pills out of order and that the patient could have unknowingly skipped a dose. >> coming up on this thursday morning. >> music fans are reeling from the sudden loss of a true pioneer. >> coming up how fans are remembering the creator of soul
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train, it don cornelius. >> first up, let's check on check it whether every 10
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>> thursday morning. we are here in the furniture weather center. it is a little damp. it is not raining everywhere. we will clear out later on with a lot of sunshine for the afternoon. it is a beautiful afternoon.
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it will not be quite as warm this afternoon as the past couple of days. 51 degrees in the district. we have some areas of light rain especially in lower southern maryland. here is the wider view on these storms can. notice the batch of rain. that is the next area of rain that will move through town. it'll be over with by 11:00 a.m.. despite the morning rain into be a nice day. a lot of sunshine. temperatures well into the 50's. it is not quite as warm as our 71 that we had yesterday. tomorrow back in the lower 50's. partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures near 50 degrees. that is the forecast. what about the commute? >> overnight construction was really scared away early because of the weather. we do not have any accidents report on the interstate. it looks good as far as travel around the beltway.
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in and out of the district is nothing complicated. you can go to the district on the southeast side. i am going to bring up a picture for you up to 70 at falls road. headlights are southbound. we are glad you are here. welcome, steve. >> thank you. >> the man you train some of the biggest names in boxing has died. >> angelo died is a was surrounded by and family. he was muhammed all the's trainer and in the corner with the champion. he also worked with sugar ray leonard. he passed away at the age of 90 years old. >> he committed suicide
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yesterday at the age of 75. he was watching sold chain. they have reaction to him and his legacy. >> police found don cornelius body inside his home. he apparently died from a self- inflicted gunshot. >> he killed himself? wow. >> i am shocked. >> his show sold train was on the air from 1971 until 2006, inspiring several generations. he left in 1993, by then an international celebrity. >> i believe he was a pioneer. >> is that where you learned some of your dance ms.? >> yes. >> video soul was inspired by cornelius. >> we got together a few times. he was a very cool guy.
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>> cornelius's contribution? >> it was like a dick clark for rock-and-roll. it was everything. >> recently the national museum of african-american history acquired several set pieces from the show including the 10 ft. wide neon sold train -- soul train sign. >> to does remember the scramble board that it should be in the smithsonian. that is great. >> the soul train pieces are currently in storage. they will be on display soon. adobe a few years. it is scheduled to open in 2015. >> we have a photo gallery and clips of him through the years. just go to for more. >> quite a loss. it is amazing how he inspire people like my uncle donnie to
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>> coming up, a frightening incident at the very place
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students should feel safe. a man entered the school and sexually assaulted a student. >> damage control for that one line. , how romney is trying to clarify his controversial comments. >> and a groundhog day tradition continues in pennsylvania. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> rise and shine washington. it is thursday february 2. i'm cynne simpson. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> first here is meteorologist adam caskey. where did that sun go, adam? >> we had it a little bit yesterday. it is gone again. we had the rain and clouds to deal with but it will be beautiful later on this afternoon. we'll start out


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